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Igniting Passion likes to keep the love and passion alive in people, and we found a new fun way to do it! Igniting Passion has created a brand new subscription box designed to do just that.

Each reKindle comes with 4-10 items depending on the box of your choosing. There will be anything from lubricants / toys /lotions / body products and even limited edition or seasonal items included

reKindle is a quarterly subscription box made specially for couples to reignite their passion for each other. Every 90 days you and your partner will receive a new box(4-10 items) of goodies designed to keep the passion strong. Each box also comes with lingerie! This box also includes date night ideas/items inside.
$79.99 retail value $150-$300 per box

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Her Box is our quarterly subscription box for her. With 4-7 items in each box, her box is designed to release your inner diva and treat yourself to a night of pleasure, even when alone.
$49.99 retail value $100-$150 per box

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His Box is our quarterly subscription box for him. With 4-7 items in each box, his box is designed to release the man’s sexual energy, great for nights away from loved ones.
$49.99 retail value $100-$150 per box

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Igniting Passion is always ready to provide a fun, exciting, bonding, and safe home party experience whenever you’re ready! We are currently providing in home parties (with precautions) and virtual parties for everyone that is following social distancing guidelines!

Wherever you are in life, whatever your goals, we are here to bring them to the next level. We have the best, most rewarding compensation for our consultants that lets you keep more of the money you earn.

Introducing the first subscription based product in the home party industry. ReKindle is our quarterly subscription box that will ignite some sparks in your play time that always has something for everyone. ReKindle will bring you a variety of things to try out and enjoy (maybe for the first time)! Comes once every 3 months and can be customized to include items for straight / gay / couples / singles! 

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