Igniting Passion promotes education on safe, healthy and sex-positive relationships, for all genders and backgrounds.

Direct sales are the sale of products away from a storefront location. The companies products are marketed and sold through the companies independent sales representatives. Think of direct sales like small baby franchise companies without the huge risk or investment.
While there are many different types of direct sales Igniting Passion focuses on the party plan model. The party plan model refers to selling/marketing to people gathered in a group by someone they know(host). Home parties create a safe, fun, relaxing shopping experience for people. They can usually taste, touch, and smell the products at these gatherings, and are educated on how to use the products.
Igniting Passion chose this model of direct sales because we feel that with the nature of our products we want you to feel, safe, comfortable, and educated when looking at our products, and felt this was the best way we could do that.


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