Host A Party
Host A Party
Host A Party

There are so many reasons to host an Igniting Passion party. You get to taste, touch, and smell the products before purchasing. As long as you are of legal age, we invite EVERYONE to host an Igniting Passion party. Private, confidential ordering with an Igniting Passion consultant that will help you find products you’ll love and answer any questions you may have. Best of all you get to shop in the comfort of your home while enjoying the laughs with your friends!

Host A Party

1. Decide on the date, time and location
2. Contact your Igniting Passion consultant
3. Invite friends
4. Party!!!

Host A Party

Free stuff! Who doesn’t love free stuff? At Igniting Passion as a party host not only do you get 10% of your party sales as credit to spend at your party, but you also have your very own exclusive hostess catalogue with items only hostesses/hosts can purchase!

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