We took a different approach than other direct sales companies. We chose to make our commission ranks based on of sales, rather than sponsoring consultants into the business. We know some people don’t want to build a team and we think that’s okay! You should be rewarded for working your business the way YOU want to and you will be. Our consultants do, however, receive a percentage of sales on the people they sponsor into the business, and your personal commission is not affected by recruits. With this program we find consultants make more money. So you can build whichever kind of business you want with fewer restrictions and more ways to earn.

Every consultant will have a replicated website they can direct their clients to, and will automatically earn commission from any sales made from their website.

We strive to be different than other home-based party companies. Sometimes getting a client to host a party can be tough, and it should be rewarded. Do you want to give up some of your commission just to do your job? We don’t want that. That’s why hostess rewards are 100% paid by our company.

We believe in our compensation 100% that we don’t hide it. It’s right here for you to look at to decide if this is the company for you.

Book a party. We’ll pay for it. 

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