Consultant Agreement

Policies and Procedures

  1. Introduction
    1. Code Of Ethics
    2. Prohibited Trade shows
  1. Independent Consultant
    1. Liability Insurance
    2. Consultant Rights
    3. Legal Age/Eligibility
    4. Consultant Limitations
    5. Maintaining Consultant Status
    6. Leave Of Absence
    7. Consultant Identification
    8. Taxes
    9. Territories
  1. Sponsoring, Training And Terms Of Termination
    1. Sponsoring
    2. Sponsoring Correction
    3. Consultant Personal Information
    4. Training Requirements
    5. Account Cancellation
    6. Consultant Suspension
    7. Consultant Termination
    8. Consultant Appeal
    9. Confidentiality Agreement
    10. Sponsoring Other Direct Sales
    11. Vendor Confidentiality
  1. Trademark, Literature And Advertising
    1. Trademark
    2. Cheques
    3. Media Advertising
    4. Consultant Created Blogs
    5. Prohibited Electronic Advertising
    6. Sales Media
    7. E-Mail Marketing
    8. Business Advertisements
    9. Recording Company Training’s
    10. Liability
    11. Consultant Personal Promotions
  1. Compensation Plan
    1. Consultant Agreement
    2. Buying Discount
    3. Down-Line Overrides
    4. Down-Line Rank Requirements
    5. Credits
    6. Retail Sales Bonus
    7. Website Commissions
    8. Active Consultant
  1. Purchasing And Sales Of Products
    1. Becoming A Consultant
    2. Personal Use And Stockpiling
    3. Back Orders And Out Of Stock Items
    4. Shipping
    5. Credit Card Purchases And Charge Backs
    6. Payments
    7. Shipping Costs
    8. Returned Shipping Packages
    9. Deliveries
    10. Held Orders
    11. Damaged Goods
    12. Missing Items In Shipment
    13. Retail Pricing
    14. Retail Sales Tax
    15. Retail Stores
  1. Returns, Refunds, Product Warranty, Monies Owed To Igniting Passion
    1. Returns
    2. Product Warranty Returns
    3. Product Buyback
    4. Returns And Commissions
    5. Buyers Right To Cancel
    6. Monies Owed To Igniting Passion
  1. Reporting Policy Violations
  1. Hostess Rewards
    1. Hostess Catalogs
  1. IntroductionIgniting Passion (or the “Company”) is a direct selling party plan company in Canada. The company, as well as the companies product line helps amplify intimacy and help to educate our customers to discover a new joy in their personal relationships. This party plan model was designed by the company to allow individuals over the age of 18 to become independent consultants, referred to as “Igniting Passion Consultants”, the opportunity to market and sell Igniting Passion products directly to customers and to sponsor others to become independent consultants and develop a business of their own.

This agreement will sometimes be referred to as the “Consultant Agreement,” “Policies and Procedures”, or “Policies.” All the provisions within may be amended at anything by the company. If this should happen, the company will notify the Igniting Passion Consultants in an email as to what the changes are, and where to find them in the Consultant back office. When a consultant sponsors a new consultant, they must ensure that the new consultant is provided with the opportunity to read and review the terms of the agreement and to read and understand the compensation plan. Failure to comply with the policies in this document may result in the termination of the agreement without notice.

1.1 Code of Ethics

Igniting Passion prides ourselves on the quality and character of our consultants. We depend on the relationship that we form with our consultants, customers and anyone else we may come into contact with. The companies code of ethics is designed to ensure a standard of excellence is upheld through our company. As Igniting Passion consultant you agree to follow and practice the following when operating your Independent business. Each part of the code of ethics is material to the agreement.

A.) I agree to conduct myself with honesty and Integrity.

B.) I will not engage in any deceptive, unlawful, or unethical consumer or sponsoring practice that may reflect poorly upon myself, or Igniting Passion.

C.) I will conduct my business in a manner that will better my reputation and the positive reputation of Igniting Passion and all of the companies staff and other consultants.

D.) I will be respectful of everyone I make contact within the course of my activities of being an Independent Igniting Passion Consultant.

E.) I will familiarize myself with the products, compensation plan, and any promotions that the company may have and represent them to my customers and anyone interested in becoming an Independent Igniting Passion Consultant realistically and without misleading or false expectations.

F.) If I choose to sponsor anyone into the company I will fulfill my leadership responsibilities as a sponsor including; training, communication, motivation, and supporting the consultants in my downline in a courteous and timely fashion.

G.) I will treat my business like any other business and fulfill any commitments I make to my customers and fellow consultants.

H.) I will not misrepresent Igniting Passion, its products or the compensation plan.

I.) I understand that a consultants success is determined through his/her own efforts and activities and will not use my earnings or lifestyle as an indication of others potential success.

J.) I will not represent the companies opportunity using the terms that imply employment.

K.) I understand that I am the only one responsible for all financial and/or legal obligations I incur in the course of my business as an Igniting Passion Consultant.

L.) I will deliver products to my customers promptly and not delay business transactions for personal gain.

M.) I will ensure customer confidentiality, and not release any customer information including what they order to anyone aside from the companies head office. I will provide them with a confidential ordering process at parties, which may include using a different room of the area for the ordering process.

N.) I understand that due to the nature of the business and its products presented, no one under the age of 18 (including infants) will attend an Igniting Passion Party, meetings, training’s, retreats, or convention.

O.) I will handle any and all customer complaints, exchanges, refunds promptly and assist my customers to the best of my abilities.

P.) I will not talk negatively about other direct sale or network marketing companies, nor will I make a comparison the companies products or compensation plan with other companies products or compensation plan when talking to potential consultants, or anyone interested in the company.

Q.) I understand that it is my responsibility to abide by any local, provincial, or federal laws that may govern my independent business. I agree to familiarize and abide by them. If I fail to do so, I am solely responsible for my actions.

R.) I agree that I am not an employee of Igniting Passion, that I am an independent consultant and I will identify myself as such.

S.) I agree to pay my monthly website fee of $9.99/month.

T.) I will not make any negative statements or remarks, nor will I speak ill of any other Igniting Passion consultants, customers, or employees of the company.

U.) I have read and understood that I am not to engage as a vendor in the list of prohibited trade shows listed in section 1.2 of the policy unless I am invited by head office to do so. I am free to do any other ones that are not listed as I please.

V.) I will not poach clients from other Igniting Passion Consultants.

W.) I understand that if I no longer wish to do business with the company, they will repurchase any and all unopened product, but I will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

X.) I understand there is a 90-day warranty on all products and will follow the proper procedures to return merchandise as quick as possible.

Y.) I will make sure to read all of the policy and procedures and know it is my responsibility to understand them. If I do not, I will ask my up-line, or speak with head office.

I understand breach of this code will result in the following corrective actions;

A verbal warning will be documented and kept on file.

The second infraction may result in suspension of consultant status and/or no commission payouts (including those of your downline) or termination of my Igniting Passion Consultant Agreement.


The following trade shows are to be purchased by ONLY head office. Any and all of the Taboo shows(Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Regina, and Ottawa), and The Woman’s Show. Head office will purchase These, and Independent consultants that are interested may buy shifts for these shows from head office, and they will keep any recruitment leads or any parties that they book. They will also receive their full commission(Minus any show sales) on anything they sell at the trade show.

  1. Independent Consultant

The consultant will not be treated as an employee for federal/provincial tax purposes. All consultants are independent contractors engaged in their separate business pursuits. Consultants are not to be considered purchasers of an Igniting Passion franchise, nor does this agreement between the company and its consultants create an employer/employee relationship, partnership, agency, or joint venture. Consultants are prohibited from stating, or implying that their relationship is anything other than agreed upon in this contract. All consultants should hold Igniting Passion harmless from any claims, damage, or liabilities as a result of the consultants business practices. Consultants have zero authority to bind the company to any obligation. Consultants are encouraged to set up his/her business hours and to determine his/her method of sales, as long as they comply with the terms of this agreement.

    1. Liability Insurance

As an independent contractor, consultants are responsible for obtaining proper applicable business insurance relevant to his/her business activities, such as holding live events.

    1. Consultant Rights

All Igniting Passion consultants are authorized to sell Igniting Passion products and to participate in the Igniting Passion compensation plan as long as they are not in violation of this agreement and in good standing. All Igniting Passion consultants may sponsor/enroll new consultants and enroll new customers in accordance with the terms herein.

    1. Legal Age/Eligibility

Igniting Passion consultants must be 18 years or older. The companies products are not intended to be used by minors. It is the responsibility of each consultant to verify their eligibility when conducting business.

    1. Consultant Limitations

Each individual, business entity, and trust shall create, operate and maintain only one consultant account with Igniting Passion. No more than two consultant accounts per household.

    1. Maintaining Consultant Status

To maintain independent consultant status with Igniting Passion, consultants must place an order of any amount before December 31 of the current year. Failure to do so will result in losing consultant status, and any down-line they might have. If they chose to become a consultant again, they must repurchase a consultant kit

    1. Leave Of Absence

Consultants may request a leave of absence from their Igniting Passion business. This request must be in writing(or email) sent to Igniting Passions head office. Igniting Passion will continue to give the consultant product credit on downline sales for 60 days, and it will be available to the consultant once they return to their Igniting Passions business. If the leave of absence is longer than 60 days, the consultant will not get any downline credits for sales until they become active again.

    1. Consultant Identification

When a consultant joins Igniting Passion they will b given a consultant ID number. This number is to be used when identifying themselves to head office and may be needed to process transactions.

When a consultant joins Igniting Passion, they will be given a consultant ID number. This number is to be used when identifying themselves to head office and may be needed to process transactions.

The companies name is trademarked and is supplied to consultants for consultants use only in an authorized manner.

As a consultant of Igniting Passion you can use the companies name in the following ways:

  • Jo Brown, Independent Igniting Passion Consultant

  • Igniting Passion by Jo

  • Igniting Passion by Jo Brown

Consultants are prohibited to use or register Igniting Passion or any of Igniting Passions trademarks, product names, or any derivatives, for any form of social media including but not limited to, domain names, email addresses, online aliases, online profiles, or any social networking profile.

Consultants are prohibited from using terminology that could cause confusion, or be misleading, or deceptive in creating individuals to believe or assume the communication is from, or property of Igniting Passion.

Examples of improper use of Igniting Passion are as follows:

Consultants are not to use the companies name in conjunction with any geographic location.

Any intentional misspellings of “Igniting Passion” is prohibited.

Any consultants that choose to have 1800 or other toll-free numbers are not to be listed as Igniting Passion.

Any consultants in violation of the policy will be required to change the violation immediately, failure to do so will result in suspension of all Igniting Passion privileges. Including but not limited to suspension of consultants account until the violation is corrected by the consultant. The consultant will not be compensated in any way until the violation is corrected.

Igniting Passion reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any email address, domain name, or any other form of social media. Anything deemed inappropriate must be removed. It is recommended that consultants submit any domain names they wish to purchase to head office for review. If a consultant chooses not to have their domain name reviewed Igniting Passion will not provide any payment of compensation until the domain name is removed should the domain name later be deemed in violation of the policy.

If a consultant chooses to no longer be an Igniting Passion consultant, or the company terminates the contract for any reason, the consultant has seven (7) business days to discontinue the use of the companies name, and all the companies trademarks, trade names, service marks, in any print or online mediums that the consultant utilizes. Any social media channels the consultant posts on and identifies as an independent Igniting Passion consultant must disclose they are no longer an independent consultant with the company.

    1. Taxes

As independent contractors, Igniting Passion consultants are solely responsible for reporting all income generated to the federal and/or provincial tax authorities as required by law.

Every Igniting Passion consultant bears full responsibility for any resulting penalties or interest resulting from the consultant’s failure to report income properly, products sold, or any other required information and/or consultants failure to properly pay any amount required to any taxing authority. (Both federal and provincial.)

    1. Territories.

Igniting Passion has no exclusive territories for any sponsoring or customer purposes. Nor shall any consultant imply that he/she has any exclusive territory rights. Consultants are free to conduct their business as far as sponsoring and getting customers in any province in Canada except Quebec.

  1. Sponsoring, Training And Terms Of Termination.

    1. Sponsoring

Consultants are entitled to sponsor other consultants in any province in Canada except Quebec. Consultants are not compensated for sponsoring new consultants into the company but are compensated for the generation of sales the consultant’s sponsors to a max of three (3) levels deep in your downline (explained in section 5.3 of the policies and procedures.)

    1. Sponsoring Correction.

Igniting Passion will correct any sponsorship errors made during the enrollment if they are reported to head office within three (3) business days after the initial enrollment. Sponsorship changes are not permitted, and if there are any issues with a sponsor, the consultant should try to resolve the issue. If the problem cannot be fixed or resolved the consultant should report it to head office to have it on file.

    1. Consultant Personal Information

Consultants personal information, such as back-office password, address, telephone number, etc, will not be shared with any other person(s) unless required by law. Consultants are not to share their passwords or allow others to access their account. Violation of this policy is grounds for suspending the violators account without pay for one (1) month.

    1. Training Requirements.

Igniting Passion consultants are required to provide adequate training of consultants personally sponsored into Igniting Passion. “Adequate training” shall include, but is not limited to; education regarding the policies and procedures, the companies compensation plan, product information, sales strategies, and ethical business practice. Igniting Passion consultants who choose to sponsor individuals into the business must make themselves available to their downline for any questions they may have.

    1. Account Cancellation.

If a consultant wishes to cancel their consultant agreement with Igniting Passion they must email the head office. Cancellation will become effective upon the written notice from the company. A consultant can cancel the contract with the company for any reason, at any time they decide they no longer wish to be with the company.

    1. Consultant Suspension.

Igniting Passion reserves the right to suspend any consultant either with or without pay if the company determines that a consultant has been in violation of the policies and procedures. Igniting Passion may also suspend a consultants account without compensation during an account review or investigation period.

    1. Consultant Termination.

a) If found in violation of the terms of the agreement a consultant may be terminated. If a consultant is terminated, notice will be sent via email from head office. The consultant has seven (7) business days from the date the email was sent to respond and appeal the termination. If the consultant’s account does get terminated by the company, the termination will render the terms and agreement between Igniting Passion and that individual null and void.

b.) Igniting Passion reserves the right to terminate the agreement without reason, and at the companies sole discretion upon thirty (30) days written notice to the consultant through email. Cancellation of the agreement shall be effective thirty (30) days following the date on the email. When the agreement is terminated the consultant shall have no claims against the company, its affiliates, or any respective officers, agents, directors, employees, or representatives, nor any right to claim or collect lost profits, lost opportunities or any other damages once the company has fulfilled all obligations to the consultant’s customers. Consultants whose accounts are terminated lose all benefits as a consultant. Igniting Passion reserves the right to immediatly terminate consultants without reason, and at the companies sole discretion and on a case by case basis. Should a consultant be immediatly terminated, any contests, promotions, or commissions that the consultant has earned end on the day of termination. If the consultant has been awarded any business trips, and the termination comes before the trip has taken place, the consultant is responsible to pay the company back for any expenses the company has paid. 

c.) Any consultant can terminate their consultant agreement at any time, for any reason within thirty (30) days written notice sent by email to head office.

    1. Consultant Appeal.

Any consultant that has been suspended or terminated may appeal that action by emailing head office stating the ground of appeal. (No telephone calls will be accepted under any circumstance.) Igniting Passion must receive the letter of appeal within seven (7) business days of the date of the notice of suspension or termination. If the consultant does not appeal by the deadline date, the suspension or termination shall remain in effect of the companies original notice.

    1. Confidentiality Agreement

Igniting Passion consultants may gain access to confidential information through the companies website/back office area. The information obtained by the consultant in any report provided or accessible to the consultant by the company is confidential and property and belonging to and owned by Igniting Passion and is available to the consultant in strict confidence. The consultant shall not disclose any of this confidential information to any third party directly or indirectly or use the information gained to compete with the company. Consultants are to use this information for promotion of the companies program. Any consultant that is found to be in violation of this rule will have their consultant account terminated with the company and shall never be able to re-enter into a consultant agreement contract with Igniting Passion again.

    1. Sponsoring Other Direct Sellers

Consultants are to refrain from systematically targeting members of any other network marketing business to become an Igniting Passion consultant. If any lawsuit, arbitration, or mediation is brought against any consultant alleging that he/she engaged in such prohibited activity, the consultant agrees that Igniting Passion is not responsible and will not be included against any and all claims, actions, and demands arising from or related to the systematic targeting.

    1. Vendor Confidentiality

Igniting Passions business relationships with its vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers are confidential. No consultant is to contact directly, or indirectly, speak to, or communicate with any representative or any supplier, manufacturer, or vendor.

4. Trademark, Literature And Advertising

4.1 Directory Listings, And “Toll Free” Telephone Listings

If a consultant wishes to list their number in any directory listing including but not limited to the white or yellow pages, they are not permitted to use the companies name or trademarks without identifying themselves as an Independent Igniting Passion Consultant. If a consultant wishes to have a 1-800 number or any other toll-free phone number they must submit a request to head office by opening up a ticket in the back office area. If approval is granted the consultant must state they are an Independent Igniting Passion Consultant.

The only way that a consultant may list their name in any directories, or toll-free numbers is as follows:

Jane Smith, Independent Igniting Passion Consultant”

No other variation may be used to describe the relationship with the company.

4.2 Cheques

Consultants are not to use any logo or trademarks on any business or personal cheques. Doing so is strictly prohibited.

4.3 Media Advertising

If consultants are contacted by any form of media including but not limited to; television stations, radio stations, newspapers, or magazine they are not allowed to discuss compensation plans, how much money they earn, any training materials that Igniting Passion has given, and not to speak negatively about the company. Doing so will result in immediate termination as a consultant.

4.4 Consultant Created Blogs

Should a consultant wish to develop a blog they should follow these steps:

  1. 1. They must register their blog with Igniting Passions head office. To do so, they can submit a ticket through the back office and provide a link to the blog so that head office has it on file. The name of the blog must follow the rules and guidelines in section 2.8 of the policy and procedures.

  2. Any and all images to do with Igniting Passion needs to be approved by the head office, or you can just the list of approved media pictures located in the back office.

  3. The blog must comply with the companies policy and procedures. Should the policy and procedures change, the blog must be updated to comply with the changes.

  4. If the consultant agreement is terminated either voluntary or involuntary the consultant must take down and remove any and all references to Igniting Passion within seven (7) days from the termination date

  5. All blogs must have a link to the consultant’s website. By having a blog, the consultant agrees that they are solely responsible and liable for their blog content, messaging, claims and information posted or sent out to individuals.

Consultants need to make it clear on their blogs that they are independent consultants and not a corporate blog. Blogs must be free of any racism, discrimination, or hate speech. It is also strictly prohibited to have any E-commerce store on their blog.

4.5 Prohibited Electronic Advertising

Consultants are prohibited from advertising, selling, or marketing on eBay and amazon. Any consultant caught doing so will have their account suspended until the items are removed from the websites. Repeat violators will have their account terminated.

4.6 Sales Media

No consultant is to sell or promote Igniting Passion products through any catalogs, magazines, infomercials, television. But may advertise on their social media sites including but not limited to; Facebook, twitter, or Instagram.

4.7 E-Mail Marketing

It is up to the consultant to make sure they follow the applicable laws regarding spam/mass emails when using any email information given to the consultant for contact purposes.

4.8 Business Advertisements

Consultants are not to advertise in any way that imply a job position, salary, or any type of employment is being offered in order to sponsor individuals. Consultants understand that being an independent Igniting Passion consultant is not employment and may never be presented as such. Consultants are to never mention specific income, or promise specific income when referring to the compensation plan. Use of the word commission is acceptable and should be used.

4.9 Recording Company Training’s

It is strictly prohibited to record any corporate sponsored training or make any copies of any Igniting Passion produced audio or videotape. Approved training, sponsoring, advertising videos will be located in the back office that consultants may share to other individuals.

4.10 Liability

If consultants violate any of the policy and procedures, it can result in suspension or termination of the individual’s consultant agreement with Igniting Passion.

4.11 Consultants Personal Promotions

Any consultants that choose to have/run their own personal promotions are solely responsible for fulfilling any and all obligations created or implied by their promotion. If the company receives notification s that a consultant is not fulfilling their promotions the company will suspend the consultants account without pay until the promotion is fulfilled.

  1. Compensation Plan

    1. Consultant Agreement

Any and all commissions, bonuses, and overrides will not be paid until the consultant reads and agrees to the consultant agreement. Commissions, bonuses, and overrides are not paid on the purchase or sale of any sales materials, sales aids, promotional products, or sponsoring new consultants into the company. Commissions are only paid if the consultants account is in good standing.

    1. Buying Discount

Igniting Passions buying discount (or commission payout) is not dependent on how many people you sponsor into the business but how many sales you do in a rolling three month period. A rolling three month period is the total sales of the previous three months. Example is;

May sales: $500

June sales: $1000

July sales: $800

August Sales: 0

Once it hits September first, the sales from May will fall off and since no sales were done in August, the consultant would be moved down a level in the compensation plan

Buying discounts are automatically be taken off of the retail price for consultants when they purchase their items in the back office. Below is the buying discount ranks. Consultants will not be reimbursed for sales when they move up ranks. (example if they go from silver to diamond the company will not pay them the difference in buying %)


Required Sales

Buying %


0- $500








*Buying discount does not apply to Lelo or We-Vibe products as the max discount on these products is 25%.

    1. Downline Overrides.

Consultants get override commissions based on the number of people they sponsor into the business. The more people a consultant sponsors, the higher in ranks you move, thus earning a higher commission. You must be an active consultant, and this does not depend on your buying discount. This commission is based on your downline sales. (see examples below) This commission is paid out in free product every month. You will have a credit on your account to spend as you choose. Inactive consultants will roll off every month, so if the consultant falls below the required consultants for the rank, they will then be paid out in the rank they qualify for. The company only pays commissions on your first three levels.


Downline level 1

Downline Level 2

Downline Level 3





Team leader




Team manager








*The active consultants that you personally sponsor are your 1st level downline. The active consultants your 1st level down-line sponsor will be your 2nd level downline. The active consultants your 2nd level down-line sponsor will be your 3rd level downline(and so on and so forth). Your tree is infinite levels deep. However, you only get a payout on your first three down-line levels. Count your active downline members and refer to the chart to determine how much commission you will make off of their sales.

    1. Down-line Rank Requirements

Rank Title

Active Consultants


0 to 5

Team Leader

6 to 10

Team Manager

11 to 15



The active consultants are only the ones that a consultant personally sponsors, and those are the ones that the company uses for your compensation.

*Example, if a consultant only personally sponsors 1 consultant and has 1 active consultant on their first line, but that consultant they have sponsored has sponsored 10 personal consultants, the 1st consultant will only be paid out as a consultant, and the consultant in their 1st line will be paid out as a Team Leader.

    1. Credits

Any credits a consultant earns on through Igniting Passions compensation plan will expire if a consultant does not log in for three full calendar months.

    1. Retail Sales Bonus

Consultants can also earn an additional bonus of 5% of their sales for any month that they achieve over $6,000 in sales. This will be paid out on the 15th of the following month as a cheque/direct deposit.

    1. Website Commissions

Every consultant will have a replicated website of which they will earn whatever their current buying discount is at. If they are rank silver, they will be paid out 30%, and once they move ranks the commission will also move up. This will be paid out to the consultants on the 15th of the following month either by cheque or direct deposit.

    1. Active Consultants.

For consultants to remain active, they need to place an order of any amount by December 31st of the current year. If they fail to do this, they will become an inactive consultant, and if they wish to become a consultant again, they will have to re-purchase a consultant kit.

  1. Purchasing And Sales Of Products

    1. Becoming A Consultant

To become a consultant of Igniting Passion, a consultant agreement must be signed, and a consultant kit must be purchased.

    1. Personal Use And Stockpiling

Consultants may purchase the product for personal use. Igniting Passion prohibits the purchase of products solely to win awards or bonuses. The company recommends not purchasing any stock until at least 70% of their current stock is sold. Any consultants reported and caught for stockpiling may be terminated and have their consultant account closed.

    1. Back Orders And Out Of Stock Items.

Any products, sales aids, or promotional items that are unavailable for a period of time consultants may choose to wait until the item is available. Once available the item will be sent via regular mail at no extra cost to the consultant, or the consultant can delete the order and be fully reimbursed and can purchase at a later date when it becomes available again.

The company will provide a back order report in the back office for consultants to look at.

    1. Shipping

Igniting Passion will ship to any Canadian address. Tracking will only be available to street addresses, and any PO box numbers will be shipped via regular Canada post. The company will drop ship items for customers if the consultant chooses. However, shipping is to be paid for by the consultant/customer. Igniting Passion strongly discourages consultants to ship items to the hostess for distribution as it is in violation of the confidentiality ordering process policy.

    1. Credit Card Purchases And Charge Backs

Consultants are to only use credit cards in the consultant’s name to purchase the product, and it is up to the consultant to check the ID of credit cards they process for their business transactions. If a consultant uses another credit card to process transactions, and it is reported to the company, the consultant’s account will be suspended and reported to the proper authorities for further investigation.

    1. Payments

Igniting Passion accepts all major credit cards, debit, and cash for the purchase of products.

    1. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs of customers are charged as per the consultant’s discretion. The company website is hooked up to the Canada post website and will charge all orders made through the website or back office in accordance with the Canada post website prices.

    1. Returned Shipping Packages

If a consultant fails to give proper shipping information, and a package is returned, the consultant must re-pay the shipping costs, to have it re-shipped.

    1. Deliveries

Igniting Passion promises to have all items shipped out to the consultant within ten business days of the order being placed, unless the item is on back order, in which the consultant will be notified. If something should happen and the product cannot be shipped the consultant will be notified and can choose to either wait for the product or have monies refunded and repurchase at a later time when the items become available.

    1. Held Orders

Igniting Passion will not hold or delay shipments of products once the order has been processed.

    1. Damaged Goods

Should a consultant receive damaged goods they are to follow these steps;

  1. Take a picture of the boxes

  2. Take a picture and document the product(s) damaged

  3. Call head office with the order number and the items damaged

The consultants and head office will come to a resolution depending on the damages of the product(s).

    1. Missing Items In Shipment

Consultants have five (5) business days from the delivery of their shipment to declare any missing items. Consultants are to contact the head office with the order number and the product that is missing. Head office will do an inventory count to verify if the item was sent. If it is an error on head offices part, head office will send the item to the consultant at no extra cost.

    1. Retail Pricing

Consultants are allowed to have sales on their products whenever they choose on any items excluding the We-vibe and Lelo products. If a consultant decides to have a sale they understand that the sale they have has nothing to do with head office and they are responsible for the sale. Any % off, credit or free items they are offering comes out of their pocket and not that of the companies. If the consultant is caught giving a discount on the prohibited items, the consultant’s contract with the company may be terminated.

    1. Retail Sales Tax

The retail sales tax is to be collected based off of the “ship to address.” The consultant needs to be aware of the proper taxes to charge in each province. There will be a document in the back office for consultants to use if they are doing business outside their home province and need to know what taxes to charge customers.

    1. Retail Stores

It is strictly prohibited for consultants to sell any of Igniting Passion products at any retail location. Igniting Passion is a direct sales company, and our success is based on the connection our consultants make with customers. Any consultants caught selling the companies products at any retail location can have their consultant account terminated. If a consultant has any question as to what qualifies as a retail store, they can call and ask head office, or open a ticket in the back office.

  1. Returns, Refunds,  Product Warranty, Monies Owed To Igniting Passion.

    1. Returns

Due to the nature of our products Igniting Passion will not offer a refund on any opened product. Products must be in the original unopened package and unused. Refunds will only be issued once the product is returned to head office, and head office can verify that the product is intact and unopened.

    1. Product Warranty Returns

Igniting Passion has a 90-day product warranty on all items. If a product breaks due to a manufactured error, and not because of being misused or mistreated, the company will exchange the item for another of the same item. A consultant is to follow the steps below to properly exchange a product under warranty.

1. Find the warranty exchange information form in the consultant back office.

2. Fill out the consultant exchange form

3. wrap up all products that need to be exchanged

4. ship items back to head office.

Igniting Passion will reimburse the shipping the consultant paid if the consultant includes the receipt in the same package they are sending back to head office with the product that needs to be exchanged. The amount the consultant paid in shipping will be credited onto the consultants account in the back office.

    1. Product Buyback

If a consultant no longer wishes to be an Igniting Passion consultant the company will buy back any and all unopened product at no more than 80% of the retail price. (a 20% restocking fee is charged). Consultants must be aware that any commissions or bonuses earned will be offset and adjusted as a result of the product returned.

Non-discounted, sales aids, literature, discontinued items, and lingerie will not be purchased back and do not qualify for the buyback program. The consultant is to assume all shipping costs and is responsible for returning the merchandise. The consultant will be refunded via cheque upon the return and inspection of the merchandise. Any product that is deemed not to be purchased back will be sent back to the consultant at their expense. To request a buyback consultants are to contact head office an email and follow the directions given to them.

    1. Returns And Commissions

If any compensation is paid out on the merchandise the company is buying back from the consultant, to either the consultant or the consultants up-line the amount paid out will be debited from all the individual’s accounts that were paid out on the product being returned.

    1. Buyers Right To Cancel

Consultants must comply with each province and territories cancellation rights. If Igniting Passion receives a complaint that a consultant is refusing, the consultants account will be suspended without pay until the matter is resolved.

6. Monies Owed To Igniting Passion

 Any consultant accounts that are not in good standing, any amounts owed will be charged to the consultants account.

  1. Reporting Policy Violations

Any consultants that notice, or observe a policy violation by another consultant should submit a written report to back office via opening a ticket. When writing the report the time, date, location, the consultant involved, any witnesses, and any supporting evidence including what policy the consultant is in violation of should be included in the message.

  1. Hostess Rewards

Igniting Passion will pay for the hostess rewards as long as the consultant uses the party manager tool in the back office.

Hostess Rewards are 10% of the retail sales(total of items not including tax and shipping) once the party reaches $250.00 in sales. If a party doesn’t make $250 in sales, no discount will be given from the company. Hostess Rewards cannot be used on the We-vibe or Lelo products.

    1. Hostess Catalog

Hostesses will have a separate catalog and depending on the sales of their party depends on how many items they will be able to purchase from this catalog. The hostess catalog will change every season (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). Consultants will not earn a commission off of these items but can buy these items at a certain price and then sell them to the hostess at the price of the hostess catalog. Below is the chart that tells you how much sales is required and how many items the hostess may purchase.

Retail Party Sales

Items on hostess catalogue







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