Sinful Faux Cuffs


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These leather bondage cuffs are great for BDSM play. Made with high-quality leather and lined on the inside with soft faux fur. Made in Canada.
Colours available are black and pink(please note only the middle strap colour is different not the entire cuff).



Width- 2″
Made with 5/6 ounce leather
Hardware welded nickel plated buckle welded D ring.

Leather Care:
1. Brush the leather down with a soft damp cloth after removing dust. Do this periodically to avoid dirt from sitting on your leather for too long or you will have to do a deep clean which can be harsh on the leather.
2 Do not use soap to clean the leather- if you need a cleaner its best to use leather cleaner.
3. If your leather becomes damp, dry it out slowly in a dry warm place. DO NOT use dryers to remove the dampness.