Sinful Stinger


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Not meant for beginner play. With the fall length of 22″ and the tips made into a triangle flare, Sinful Stinger provides the ultimate sting. Made in Canada with real leather.


Fall Width: .25″
Fall Length: 22″
Falls: 9
Handle Length: 8.5″
Handle Width: 1.25″
Hand braided
Made in Canada
Triangle flared tips

Leather Care:
1. Brush the leather down with a soft damp cloth after removing dust. Do this periodically to avoid dirt from sitting on your leather for too long or you will have to do a deep clean which can be harsh on the leather.
2 Do not use soap to clean the leather- if you need a cleaner its best to use leather cleaner.
3. If your leather becomes damp, dry it out slowly in a dry warm place. DO NOT use dryers to remove the dampness.